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AUTOOL SPT360 Car Five Port Spark Plug Tester

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AUTOOL SPT360 Spark Plug Tester

AUTOOL SPT360 Automotive Spark Plug Tester is a digital high-frequency tester, which is mainly used to test the performance of spark plugs safely and quickly.The SPT360 has a test frequency of up to 9000 rpm and is compatible with spark plug tests for all crankshaft engines and motorcycles on the market. This product adopts the position design of standard comparison test, which can compare five spark plugs at the same time, which is professional and efficient; it has the function of simulating the real speed of the engine and displaying the working frequency value of the tester,and the whole process is digitally controlled, thus improving the accuracy of spark plug testing and the working efficiency of technicians, and effectively ensuring the normal performance of spark plugs.

Product Features

Simulate Engine Conditions

With the function of simulating engine operating conditions, it can test the performance of the tested spark plugs according to different operating conditions, and accurately diagnose the potential problems of the tested spark plugs.

Comparative Test

The design of standard hole position and test hole position can be used to compare and test the spark plug, so that the tested spark plug can be observed and compared with the normal spark plug, so as to ensure the contrast of the tested spark plug.

Wide Frequency Range

The working frequency is in the range of 200~9000rpm. The higher the frequency, the higher the strength of the spark plug; the frequency can be adjusted, and users can make specific adjustments according to their needs to support flexible operation.

Digital Display

The LED digital display tester's working frequency value, the working frequency is digitised, clear and more intuitive, more accurate adjustment as needed.

Easy to Operate

The product is equipped with a convenient power cord, plug to use; just put the spark plug into the product hole and press the switch to test. Easy to operate, connect and test, even non-professionals can easily master the operation steps.


  • Insert the new spark plug into the standard hole, and insert the spark plug to be tested into the test hole;
  • Connect the power supply;
  • Turn on the switch and adjust the working frequency;
  • Compare and observe the working state of the spark plug.
    Spark Plug tester


      Product Parameters

      • Item model number: AUTOOL SPT360
      • Ambient temperature: 0℃~45℃
      • Simulation speed: 200~9000rpm
      • Weight: 1.1kg
      • Product size: 195x115x53mm
      • Package size: 265x120x63mm

      Packing List

      • 1* AUTOOL SPT360 Automotive Spark Plug Tester Host
      • 1* Power Adapter
      • 1* User Manual
      • 1* Certificate of Qualification

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