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AUTOOL SDT203 12V Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector Testing Tool

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AUTOOL SDT203 12V Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector Testing Tool

AUTOOL SDT203 model is a mid-budget automotive smoke machine. It is equipped with a visual flow meter and rotary knob, which allows you to easily observe and control the flow rate of the smoke output. There are also visual pressure gauges for easy diagnosis of pipe leaks. AUTOOL SDT203 Automotive Smoke Leak Detector has the following advantages.

Visual level gauge & adjustable knob for flow

Smoke output flow: 1-7 L/min, level gauge and adjustable knob, easy to observe and operate.
Compact in size; built-in air pump; time-efficient and money-saving
Unlike traditional automotive leak detectors where you must purchase an air compressor to test your vehicle for leaks in most cases, the AUTOOL SDT203 Automotive Fuel Leak Detector comes with an air pump already built-in. No additional purchase is required to save your cost.

    Quick leak diagnosis by pressure display

    No leaks: if the value of the pressure gauge remains the same, it means there is no leak in the pipeline system.
    Small leak: if the value of the pressure gauge drops a bit, it indicates a small leak in the pipeline system.
    Serious leak: if the pressure gauge reaches zero, it indicates a large leak in the pipeline system.

      Overheat and anti-freeze protection:

      The smoke detector is equipped with the latest intelligent protection devices. The unit will initiate shutdown protection for 5 minutes of continuous working and needs to be restarted by pressing the button again to ensure the safety of the operator and the unit itself. It also can work at cold temperature .

      How to do leak detection?

      Fill 10ml-20ml test oil into the smoke detector.
      Disconnect the pipes that need to be connected to the smoke detector..
      Connect the detector to the car\'s DC12V battery, and it starts to work.
      The pipeline will be filled with smoke soon. Check if there have leaks.
        Smoke leak DetectorSmoke leak Detector

        Packing List

        Packing list:

        • 1pcs * AUTOOL SDT 203 main unit
        • 1pcs * Power Cord
        • 1pcs * Smoke Hose
        • 1pcs * Universal Cone Adapter
        • 1pcs * Universal Airbag Adapter
        • 1set * Universal Hard Rubber Plug
        • 1pcs * Smoke diffuser
        • 1pcs * Hook
        • 1pcs * Funnel
        • 1pcs * User manual

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