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AUTOOL LM150 Digital Manifold Gauge for Refrigerant Filling & Pressure Inspection HVAC Vacuum Gauge

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AUTOOL LM150 Digital Manifold Gauge for Refrigerant Filling & Pressure Inspection HVAC Vacuum Gauge


AUTOOL LM150 is an auxiliary instrument with a wide range of applications, used for installation, testing and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, this product is used for the detection and maintenance of automotive air conditioning refrigerant circulation system; It is also suitable for vacuuming and refrigerant filling operations in system maintenance work such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

Multiple Test Modes

AUTOOL LM150 Refrigerant Manifold Gauge can measure dual pressure (high and low pressure), and dual temperature measurement (high and low pressure pipeline temperature, need to connect test clamps), measure the percentage of vacuum degree; it has the functions of pressure leakage measurement, leakage time and speed recording, pressure multi- unit conversion, temperature Celsius / Fahrenheit Conversion, etc., to meet the different needs of users.

Intelligent Digital Display

The AUTOOL LM150 Refrigerant Manifold Gauge adopts large-size LCD liquid crystal display, which is supported by LCD backlight, and the data display is clear and easy to read. Users can complete the operation through the buttons on the operation panel throughout the process. The display is rich in content, and the operation process and data are clear at a glance, which significantly improves the maintenance efficiency.

Built-in Database

The AUTOOL LM150 Auto Digital Refrigerant Manifold Gauge has a built-in 32-bit digital processing unit and a high-precision data acquisition unit, with high data stability; At the same time, there are 93 kinds of refrigerant pressure and evaporation temperature databases built-in, which can calculate the supercooling and superheating temperature, and it is convenient to directly read the operation process data.

3.5-Inch High-definition Display

Backlit screen design allows for use even in dark environments.The monitor divides the test results with lines, making the data more intuitive and clear at a glance.

Excellent Material

AUTOOL LM150 Digital Refrigerant Manifold Gauge adopts high-strength engineering plastic, flexible non-slip silicone design and ergonomic shell design; copper interface, not easy to slip. The overall unit is strong and sturdy, significantly extending the its service life.

3 years warranty

For the damage caused by non-human factors, AUTOOL promises to resend the parts for free within 3 years. For any demand, we warmly welcome you to contact us, and we will reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours.



Product Specifications 

  • Pressure test: gauge pressure
  • Pressure test unit: Kpa; Mpa; bar; inHg; PSI
  • Pressure test range: 0 Kpa ~ 6000 Kpa
  • Pressure test resolution: 1 Kpa
  • Pressure test accuracy: +/- 0.5 %(FS)+ 5dgt
  • Pressure overload limit: 10000 Kpa (10 Mpa; 100 bar;)
  • Vacuum test: relative vacuum
  • Vacuum test unit: Kpa; Mpa; bar; inHg; PSI
  • Vacuum test range: -101 Kpa ~ 0 Kpa
  • Vacuum test resolution: 1 Kpa
  • Temperature test unit: °C (Celsius), °F (Fahrenheit)
  • Temperature test range: -40°C ~ 150°C (-40°F ~ 302°F)
  • Temperature test resolution: 0.1°C (-40°C ~ 99.9°C), 1°C (100°C ~ 150°C)
  • 0.1°F (-40°F ~ 99.9°F), 1°F (100°F ~ 302°F)
  • Temperature test accuracy: +/- 0.5 °C + 2dgt +/- 0.9 °F + 2dgt
  • Power Supply: 4 X 1.5V (SIZE.AA / LR6)
  • Dimensions: 240*145*50mm

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