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AUTOOL DM303 Auto Diagnostic Digital Multimeter Oscilloscope Ammeter Analog Signal Test Ohmmeter Car Circuit Tester with K/CAN

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AUTOOL DM303 Auto Diagnostic Digital Multimeter 

AUTOOL DM303 Automotive Diagnostic Multimeter is a handheld new diagnostic multimeter integrated digital oscilloscope, digital multimeter developed with the embedded digital control technology.

The multimeter mode can measure the AC-DC voltage and current, resistance, diode forward voltage drop, on-off and frequency.

Oscilloscope mode is a complete intelligent measurement system that includes signal input, data scanning, data processing and automatic search, with a waveform test bandwidth of 500KHZ. With a variable sampling frequency, the slowly varying signal quantity can be measured. It is applicable to the measurement and observation of various signals on the automobile circuit during car overhaul, including the engine drive signal and engine power voltage of the new energy vehicle, fuel car engine ignition signal, camshaft signal, crankshaft signal, wheel speed sensor signal, oxygen

Packing list

Package List:

  • 1x Main Unit
  • 1xMulti-functional detection line
  • 1xAutomotive circuit detection line
  • 1xlgnition signal detection line
  • 1xBattery clip line
  • 1xJumper (Yellow)
  • 1xJumper (Green)
  • 1xJumper (Black)
  • 1xProbe
  • requires 4 x AAA batteries ( not included )

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I was not impressed that the advertising stated this was rechargeable usbc. It came with no batteries or usb cable. Instructions said to use 4aaa batteries or 3.7v lithium ion battery. I used aaa batteries but in some modes the device tries to charge the batteries. Not good. Tried 4 aaa lithium batteries but too much voltage so it kept killing one battery. Pulled out the springs and plates and opened up the battery compartment with a die grinder and fitted a 3.7 lithium pack. Now it works fine and is a really great tool. Shame it didn’t come with one.
This tool is fantastic. Accurate, quick and is so easy to use. Thanks discount tools.

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