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XTOOL TP150 TPMS Programming Tool, Includes 4 Free Sensors

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XTOOL TP150 TPMS Relearn Tool Activate & Relearn All Sensors, Program Sensors, Reset TPMS Light, Read & Clear TPMS DTCs, and Check Sensor Status & OE Info with XTOOL Sensors!

This TP150 Includes 4 free TPMS sensors let us know at check out if you require rubber or metal valve stems.


  • Works on Both 315Mhz & 433Mhz Sensors
  • Activate All TPMS Sensors
  • Check ECU-ID Matching Status
  • Check Sensor Real-Time Data
  • Program XTOOL Sensors
  • Program Multiple Sensors Simultaneously
  • Diagnose TPMS System: Read and clear TPMS codes
  • Reset TPMS Warning Light:
  • Test Records:
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery:
  • Check OE Sensor Information: Check OE Sensor Brand, Part No., sensor frequency and etc.
  • Internet Update via USB Connection
  • Lifetime Software Updates


XTOOL TP150 TPMS Tool can check OE sensor info like brand, part no., sensor frequency of your car, activate & relearn all TPMS sensors, program XTOOL sensors, diagnose TPMS system to read & clear DTCs, reset TPMS warning light, check ECU-ID matching status, check real-time data like Sensor ID, Tyre Pressure, Temperature, Sensor Voltage


This universal TPMS Activation Tool can activate currently all known tpms sensors in the market, both OE and aftermarket. After you successfully triggered the sensors, this handheld tpms tool can decode sensors to read real-time sensor status like current sensor ID, voltage, tire pressure, and temperature before servicing the tires/wheels.


XTOOL TP150 TPMS Relearn tool can relearn all sensors (both OE sensors and after-market tpms sensors) through OBD Learning or Static Learning! For a DIYer, neighborhood mechanic, or backyard mechanic who works on a few cars in the neighborhood or a small shop that has to reset TPMS on various brands of cars, this is just the tool you’ve been looking for when you need to switch between winter and summer tires/wheels or replace the tire for track use!


To replace faulty sensors with low battery life, XTOOL TP150 TPMS Programming Tool enables the home mechanic to program multiple sensors’ data to XTOOL Sensors(315/433MHz) simultaneously, saving the hassle and money of a trip to a repair shop or dealership. With this tpms sensor programming tool, you get 4 options to do the programming: 1-Automatic ID Generation 2-Enter ID Manually. 3-Copy ID by Activating. 4-Read ECU Copy ID. NOTE: TP150 can program XTOOL sensors ONLY!


TP150 TPMS Reset Tool can scan the TPMS system and pinpoint the fault cause why the TPMS warning light is on and reset the light after repair or servicing the tire/wheel and clear the TPMS codes. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The functions of TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) are to automatically monitor the tire pressure in the process of the vehicle running and to alarm the tire leakage and low air pressure to ensure safe driving

  • The function of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is to automatically monitor the tire pressure in the process of vehicle running and to alarm the tire leakage and low air pressure to ensure safe driving. The TP150 has functions about TPMS such as Activation, Relearn, and Reading sensor data.
  • The activation function is to allow the sensor to send a signal so that the car receiver can get the sensor information, such as tire pressure, temperature,  and battery status, which can be used to detect whether the sensor is normal;
  • The Relearn function is able to read sensor ID and match the ID stored in the TPMS ECU to correctly display the tire pressure and temperature parameters of each wheel, allows you to directly read feedback from all 4 sensors, clearly view the status of all TPMS sensors, and compare sensor and ECU data to instantly pinpoint system faults;
  • Read sensor data including sensor ID, tire pressure, temperature, battery condition, OEM part number, OEM sensor maker, and OEM frequency.
  • When your key fob stops working or starts to perform sporadically, it will be particularly frustrating. The RKE & RF Monitor function provides a check for your key fob to make sure it is in top condition so it will work when you really need it.(The tool only tests 315MHz and 433MHz key fobs.)


TP150 TPMS scan tool comes with a multi-lingual menu like English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and etc. To check the menu language, please just send us the Serial Number after receiving the product.


  • Screen: 4" 320*480 TFT-LCD Colour Screen
  • MCU: IC STM32
  • TFCard: 8G Storage
  • Capacity: 3000mAh, Max charging current 1.2A, USB Charging current 500mA
  • Size: 200x92x33
  • Weight: 0.4kg

Packing List

  • 1 x TP150
  • 4 x T100 TPMS Sensors
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Case
  • 1 x USB C Cable
  • 1 x OBD2 Cable

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