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Topdon PulseQ AC Mini 7KW Home EV Charger

by Topdon
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Topdon PulseQ AC Mini 7KW Home EV Charger

Meet the PulseQ AC Mini – your go-to solution for electric vehicle charging that seamlessly blends convenience, style, and efficiency. This innovative charging station offers easy installation, multiple tool models to choose from (Cable, Cable S, and Socket), and features a European Type 2 charging gun. Operating at 7kW, 230V, and 32A, the PulseQ Mini delivers both power and flexibility to meet your EV charging needs. With its sleek design, robust safety certifications, all-weather reliability, and cost-efficient installation, the PulseQ AC Mini stands as the ultimate choice for effortless and stylish EV charging. Elevate your electric vehicle charging experience with the PulseQ AC Mini from TOPDON.


The TOPDON PulseQ AC Mini, a dedicated Type 2 charging station tailored for most vehicles. With a single-phase 230V input, 32A output, and 7kW power capacity, it's designed to provide fast and efficient charging for your electric vehicle.

Choose from two versatile versions – Cable and Socket, each catering to different user preferences and requirements. This flexibility ensures that the PulseQ AC Mini seamlessly fits into your charging setup.

Certified Power: Your Trusted Charging Companion

The PulseQ AC Mini is certified with CE and CB, and guarantees top-tier quality and protection. It holds IP65 and IK08 ratings, safeguarding against dust and water intrusion. Additionally, its integrated AC 30mA and DC 6mA functions act as a robust security layer, enhancing your peace of mind.

Ready For Any Climate

The PulseQ AC Mini can perform in extreme weather, from a frosty -30°C to a scorching 50°C – it's always up for the job. The Mini can be store in even more extreme temperatures, handling -40°C to 80°C, so you can leave it be for as long as you like. Wherever, whenever, the PulseQ AC Mini delivers a seamless, worry-free charging experience.

Effortless Setup With A Cable-Ready Back

Thanks to the PulseQ AC Mini's innovative design, professional electricians can easily and efficiently install it. Just mount the plate on the wall, attach the charger, and say goodbye to cable clutter. The AC Mini's unique back design provides hassle-free cable management, ensuring a seamless and tidy charging experience in your garage.

Charge Your Way, Your Style

The PulseQ AC Mini's unique exterior design embodies the sleek lines of a sports car. It's not just a practical charging station; it's your garage's touch of distinctive elegance. What's more, we offer you the freedom to customise its colour, allowing you to create a charging station that reflects your personal style.



  • Single Phase Charger
  • Customizable Appearance
  • Compact Size Easy Installation & Operation Built-In Safety Features
  • LED Status Indicator


  • Charging Mode: Model 3 Level 2
  • Input/Output Rating &Current Rating: Up to 7kW/32A
  • Input/Output Voltage: Single Phase 230V
  • Network Type: TT/TN
  • RCD Built-In: Type A+DC 6mA
  • Safety Standards: IEC 61851-1,IEC 62196-2
  • Rating: IP65 & IK10
  • Certification:TUV, CE, CB, ROHS, RMA
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 50°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
  • Dimensions: 275 x 180 x 127mm
  • SDoC Available on request 


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