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TOPDON Phoenix PX1000 ADAS Mobile Calibration Frame & Phoenix Elite

by Topdon
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Topdon Phoenix ADAS Mobile Calibration Tool

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The Phoenix Mobile ADAS is a foldable calibration frame that offers unmatched portability and convenience, making auto shops even more productive and profitable. Compatible with TOPDON’s Phoenix Series of diagnostic scanners, this device gives professionals the capability to provide needed work on the most modern cars. This is a must-have tool for professional collision shops, components and parts specialists, as well as any auto body shop that provides services such as window, trunk, and bumper cover replacement, wheel alignment, suspension, and and more!



  • Featuring a multifunctional base with 360-degree swivel wheels, the Phoenix Mobile ADAS allows you to adjust the height and make adaptations to calibrate when working on uneven ground.
  • Professionals equipped with this device can calibrate ADAS passive and active systems on any flat surface: an auto shop, a parking lot,or even at a client's driveway.


  • The Phoenix Mobile ADAS features a collapsible design for convenience, easy storage, and unmatched portability. With foldable arms and folding base legs, this tool can fit in nearly any vehicle's trunk.


  • Experienced technicians can quickly set up the Phoenix Mobile ADAS and start the job in 30 minutes. Easily put away this fully collapsible tool, making your shop more productive and profitable.


  • A high-precision 5-lasers device will assist you to position the ADAS calibration tool with exactness.

  • The easy center-positioning lets you promote micro-adjustments effortlessly for even more accurate calibration services.


  • The Phoenix Mobile ADAS covers most US, European, and Asian car brands, including a wide variety of targets. As more ADAS-capable vehicles come out, TOPDON consistently updates its inventory to offer targets to match them.


  • TOPDON's Phoenix Mobile ADAS is compatible with the entire Phoenix Series of Diagnostic Scanners. Featuring an intuitive interface, the software provides its users' detailed steps, illustrations, and real-time guided operation

Specifications & Packaging



  • 1-Mobile Calibration Frame
  • 1-ACC Radar reflector for VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Porsche, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mini, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Mitsubishi & Suzuki
  • 1-Five Line Laser LAM09-01
  • 1-Cross Laser LAM09-02
  • 1-Laser Reflector LAM09-03
  • 1-Auxiliary Mirror LAM09-04
  • 1-L-Type Positioning Bracket LAM09-05
  • 1-Lead Hammer LAM09-06
  • 1-Targets Storage Bracket LAM09-07
  • 1-Targets Extension RodLAM09-08
  • 1-Targets Extension Rod IILAM09-09

LDW Targets -- Big Targets

  • 1-VW/Audi LAM01-02
  • 1-Hyundai/Kia LAM01-09
  • 1-Subaru LAM01-15
  • 1-Subaru-LDW LAM01-21

LDW Targets -- Small Targets

  • 1-BenzLAM01-01
  • 1-MazdaLAM01-10
  • 1-Hyundai/KiaLAC01-13
  • 1-HondaLAM01-20
  • 1-HondaLAM01-04-L
  • 1-Honda LAM01-04-R
  • 1-NissanLAM01-07-L
  • 1-NissanLAM01-07-R
  • 1-MazdaLAM01-16-L
  • 1-MazdaLAM01-16-R
  • 1-MitsubishiLAM01-19-R
  • 1-Renault/NissanLAM01-12-L
  • 1-ToyotaLAM01-06-1
  • 1-ToyotaLAM01-06-2
  • 1-ToyotaLAM01-06-3
  • 1-MitsubishiLAM01-19-L
  • 1-HondaLAM01-17
  • 1-SuzukiLAM01-18-L
  • 1-SuzukiLAM01-18-R


Packing wooden case: 1150*1110*630mm

weight: 140kg (Includes mainframe, accessories, small targets, modern LAM01-09 target)

Large target packing carton: 1390*88*1000mm,

weight: 18kg (Includes VW LAM01-02 target, Subaru target LAM01-15 target, Subaru 2 target LAM01-21)


All TOPDON ADAS components come with 12 months of warranty against manufacturers’ defects. 

Updates: TOPDON ADAS is a one-time update purchase. Once applied to your Phoenix Tablet, the ADAS updates will be synchronized with your tablet updates. As long as your diagnostics software is under update contract, so too will your ADAS

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