TOPDON BT Mobile Lite, Wireless, 12V Battery Tester

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TOPDON BT Mobile Lite, Wireless, 12V Battery Tester 

TOPDON BT Mobile Lite - Wireless Battery Tester for IOS and Android Smartphone

BT MOBILE lite is a 6V/12V wireless battery and system tester, adopting the most advanced conductance detection technology and reverse polarity protection technology to provide key information about battery health for technicians, professionals, so as to quickly, easily and accurately identify battery and charging problems.

Supported Languages

English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese


Test battery type: Lead-acid cell, EFB, AGM, GEL

Support: All 6-12V engine starter lead-acid

batteries Testing Standard: CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE and GB

BT: Android 4.3; iOS 9.0

Test Range: CCA 100 - 2000

Working Current: <10mA

Cable length: 13.78 inches

Complete Battery Diagnostics

Battery Test, Charging Test and Cranking Test for vehicle batteries.

Advanced Conductance Tech

High-Tech Design featuring STM-32 main chipset offers you the reliable and accurate load-free test results in seconds.

Wide Compatibility

It can be used on Cars, Motocycles, Trucks, Electric Cars etc.

Easy 4 Steps to Use it

1. Download and install the application "BT MOBILE Lite"

2. Connect the car battery terminals.

3. Open the BT of Smartphone and connect.

4. Select the item to be tested on the application.

5. Test


One Year Warranty for any quality problems.

Package List

1*BT MOBILE Lite Wireless Battery Tester

1*User Manual