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DTNZ Electrical 360 Piece Insulated Terminal Kit

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Electrical 360 Piece Insulated Terminal Kit

The Electrical 360 Piece Insulated Terminal Kit is made of high-quality copper for optimal electrical conductivity. It includes a comprehensive selection of 360 pieces, ranging from various ring, butt, spade, and bullet connectors, perfect for all your electrical needs. Upgrade your wiring with confidence and expert precision.

• 30: 5mm Ring 2mm2 cable, 20: 9.5mm Ring 2mm2 cable, 30: Butt Connector 1.25mm2 cable, 20: 6mm Ring 2mm2 cable, 30: Butt Connector 2mm2 cable, 15: 9.5mm Ring 5.5mm2 cable, 30: 5mm Spade 2mm2 cable, 15: 6mm Ring 5.5mm2 cable, 25: Bullets 2mm2 cable, 15: Butt Connector 5.5mm2 cable., 25: Male 2mm2 cable, 10: Butt Connector 1.25mm2 cable, 25: Female 2mm2 cable, 10: Male 2mm2 cable, 20: 5mm Ring 5.5mm2 cable, 10: Female 2mm2 cable, 20: 5mm Spade 5.5mm2 cable, 10: Female Bullet 2mm2 cable


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