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Blue Point Fibreglass Handle Ball Pein Hammers 8oz - 32oz

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Blue Point Fibreglass Handle Ball Pein Hammers 8oz - 32oz

Blue Point Fibreglass Handle Ball Pein Hammers are the ideal tool for metalwork, punching and chiseling. Made with medium carbon steel heads, 60% PP jacketed fibreglass handles, and a black baked paint finish, these hammers range from 8oz to 32oz and come with a comfortable, non-slip grip. Available in five sizes, they provide strength and precision to any metalworking job.

  • Head material is medium carbon steel with black baked paint finish, normal polished on striking face
  • Non-slip Blue 60% PP jacketed fibreglass with comfort grip
  • Used for mainly metalwork, and for use with punch and chisels
  • Striking and shaping metal materials
  • 8oz Fibreglass Handle Ball Pein Hammer BLPBPFG8 278mm Length
  • 12oz Fibreglass Handle Ball Pein Hammer BLPBPFG12 283mm Length
  • 16oz Fibreglass Handle Ball Pein Hammer BLPBPFG16 Length 327mm
  • 24oz Fibreglass Handle Ball Pein Hammer BLPBPFG24 Length 383mm 
  • 32oz Fibreglass Handle Ball Pein Hammer BLPBPFG32 385mm Length
  • Sold separately 

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