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AUTOOL OBD2 Breakout Box Automotive OBDII

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AUTOOL OBD2 Breakout Box Automotive OBDII 


Wide Application

This is an automotive diagnostic tool used to car OBD line signal judgment and signal transfer.You can monitor the OBD interface voltage and ground. In the process of using decoder, error can be found and diagnosed OBD connector well as powering the on-board computer, testing OBD voltages, etc.

Professional Testing

OBD2 Breakout box can help you measure whether the communication, power supply, and grounding of the vehicle OBDII interface are normal by connecting scanning tools. It not only detects car signals, but also some diesel signals, such as pins 2/6/7/10/14/15 can measure K-line, L-line, CAN bus and PWM protocol lines. Pins 4 and 5 can check whether vehicle body/signal grounding is normal, and pin 16 can check whether the power supply is normal.

Multi-Protocol Support

OBD2 breakout box is ideal for diagnosing and modifying your cars or trucks.such as K-line, L-line, CAN bus and PWM protocol line.It also can protect your car data, When the car replaces the battery, OBD2 connector into the car, and connect additional power to the control box, can save the car data to prevent the loss of car data and prevent the body electrical equipment from locking up automatically.

16-Pins Layout

The input jack layout of OBD2 protocol detector is simulates the 16-pin layout of the OBDII interface, making more tests quickly and intuitively. All 16 pins of OBDII can be easily connected when the OBD2 scanner communicates with vehicles.

4MM Banana Plugs

The built-in input jack of OBDII breakout box can be connected to any type of 4mm banana plugs for easy connection to a multimeter or oscilloscope for further measurement of uncertain monitoring signals.OBD2 breakout box has female and male connectors with 35 inch extension cable.

Excellent Material

The OBDII connector extension cable adopts multithreading data connection technology, which makes the connection faster and smoother. The cable body is made of elastic thermoplastic TPU material, which has the characteristics of the high elasticity, high strength and high resilience.

High Warning

Do not place a jumper between the power pin 16 and ground pins 4 and 5; Do not use this tool to power up a load devices exceeding 1 amp; Do not jumper pins together without understanding the circuits.

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