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AUTOOL ML518 Gasless Portable Mini ARC, MIG Welding Machine

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AUTOOL ML518 Gasless Portable Mini ARC, MIG Welding Machine

AUTOOL M518 IGBT Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine adopts advanced digital inverter technology to convert 50/60Hz frequency current into stable welding output current, and convert it to high frequency through high-power IGBT devices, and then through pulse width modulation (PWM) with high power DC output power for voltage drop and switching. Due to the use of switching power-on technology, the weight and volume of the M518 body are significantly reduced, and the conversion efficiency is increased by more than 30%.

No Gas Required

The AUTOOL M518 IGBT  Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine uses flux- cored welding wire. During the welding process, the welding wire will automatically release metal inert gas, so as to realize gas free welding, get rid of heavy gas cylinders, and ensure easy operation of the equipment.

Suitable for Welding all Kinds of sheets

AUTOOL M518 IGBT Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine uses 0.8mm diameter flux-cored welding wire, which can weld metal sheets with thickness of 2.0mm, with stable arcing and good forming effect.

Unified Adjustment Knob

The AUTOOL M518 IGBT Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine can control multiple welding parameters (current, voltage and wire feeding speed are adjusted in association) with one knob, and nine gears are adjustable, which is fast and convenient.There is no need for multiple knobs to switch back and forth,which avoids the frequent operation of potentiometers to cause malfunctions.

Lightweight and Portable

The AUTOOL M518 IGBT Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine adopts a lightweight design as a whole, with small size, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving;the parts are equipped with shoulder straps, which can be carried by hand or carried on the shoulder, and can be easily carried anywhere for welding.

Quality Control

AUTOOL M518 IGBT Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine is a compact and refined MMA welding machine,adopts a lightweight sheet metal body, and the equipment surface is coated with anti-fouling yellow paint,which ensures the service life of the equipment while strengthening the body.

Overheating Protection

AUTOOL M518 IGBT Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine has a built-in protection circuit, if the temperature is too high during operation, the equipment will automatically stop working to ensure safety; at the same time, M518 has a built-in high-performance fan helps dissipate heat.

Note: When the M518 Automotive IGBT Inverter Welding Machine is set to work continuously for 10 minutes at the maximum current, the overheat protection function will be activated, and it will automatically resume normal operation after waiting for 5 minutes.

Daily Maintenance of AUTOOL M518 IGBT Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine

  1. Regularly use dry compressed air to remove dust. If the welding machine is used in an environment with heavy smoke and air pollution, it needs to be dusted at least once a month.
  2. Check the electrical connectors of the welding machine to ensure perfect contact (especially the plug and socket). Fix loose joints, and when oxidation occurs, use sandpaper to remove the oxide film, and then reconnect.
  3. Prevent water from entering the equipment. If it accidentally enters the water, dry it immediately. Use a tramegger to measure the insulating material to ensure that it is qualified for use.
  4. Every 300 hours of operation of the wire feeder,the motor carbon shall be polished, 
    the armature commutator and the reducer shall be cleaned, and the turbine, scroll rod and bearing shall be coated with 2 # molybdenum disulfide lubricating grease.
  5. If the welding machine will not be used for a long time, it should use the original packaging and store it in a dry environment.

Specifications & Packing List


  • Item model number: AUTOOL M518
  • Power input: One-way AC220V±15% 
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • No-load voltage: 55V
  • Rated input current: 20A
  • Output voltage: 15.5V-18.5V
  • Duty cycle: 25%
  • Power factor: >0.7
  • Efficiency: ≥80%
  • Wire Feeder Type: Built-in
  • Welding wire diameter: 0.8mm
  • Insulation class: F
  • Protection class: IP21S
  • Weight: 5.5Kg
  • Size: 315mm x 135mm x 240mm

Packing List

  • 1pc* AUTOOL M518 IGBT Inverter Gas Shielded Welding Machine Main Unit
  • 1pc* Power cord
  • 1pc* Strap
  • 1pc* Welding torch head set
  • 1pc* User Manual
  • 1pc* Qualification certificate

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