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AUTOOL CT200 6 Cylinder Fuel Injector Cleaner & Tester

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AUTOOL CT200  6 Cylinder Fuel Injector Cleaner & Tester

It is combined with ultrasonic cleaning technology and microprocessor hydraulic control cleaning detection technology. Fuel pump oil supply simulates low, medium, and high engine conditions, cleaning and testing the fuel injectors of the automobile. ultrasonic cleaning can simultaneously clean multiple injectors, which can effectively and completely remove carbon deposits for automobile injectors.

AUTOOL CT200 Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner Machine Features

  • Digital Display: With the help of microcomputer control and digital display, the equipment makes possible automatic cleaning, testing injectors, and real-time monitoring of the dynamic values.
  • Adopting Humanization Design: Automatic fuel draining through preset programs for some test items. Test liquid/detergent can also be drained by pushing a button on the control panel after the test. can make the system pressure fast restored to the default, The unit is equipped with various adaptors and couplers that facilitate cleaning the injectors on the vehicle.
  • Automatic Cleaning and Testing: Fuel pressure control through microcomputer offers stable pressure control and a large adjustable range, which is suitable for all EGI vehicles and can help to achieve automatic cleaning and testing of injectors.
  • Reverse Flush: Uniformity/Spray ability test: To test the uniformity of injecting amount of each injector, and to monitor the spraying status of each injector with the help of backlight. This test is also for reverse flush.
  • Three-Year Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance: For damage caused by non-human factors, AUTOOL promises to resend parts for free within 3 years. For any needs, you are warmly welcome to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP within 24 hours.

AUTOOL CT200 Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner Machine Functions

  • Ultrasonic cleaning: It sends signals to the injectors through the pulse signal line, using the cleaning fluid with ultrasonic vibration so as to completely remove the carbon and impurities inside the injectors.
  • Idle speed test (0-20ms): Simulate the engine idling speed and test the state of the fuel injector.
  • Medium speed test (0-7.5ms): simulate the engine running at medium speed and test the state of the fuel injector.
  • High-speed test (0-4ms): Simulate the high-speed performance of the engine and test the state of the fuel injector.
  • Acceleration test: Simulate the acceleration state of the car and test the performance of the fuel injector.
  • Shift speed test: Simulate the shifting state of the car and test the working performance of the fuel injector.
  • Leakage test: Test the sealing condition of the fuel injector.
  • Idle speed spray ability Test: Simulate the engine idling state and test the spraying performance of the fuel injector.
  • Medium-speed spray ability test: Simulate the engine’s medium-speed state and test the spraying performance of the fuel injector.
  • High-speed spray ability test: Simulate the high-speed state of the engine and test the spraying performance of the fuel injector.
  • Reverse flush: Reverse flush is a way to clean the injectors with the test liquid flowing from the outlet to the inlet of the injector. Reverse flush may remove the dirt inside the injector or the injector Strainer (Only for the top fuel supply injector).
  • No-disassembly cleaning: Direct cleaning without disassembling the injectors, this function is an additional function, that requires special adapters.

Operation Steps

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning:
  • Step 1: Pour in the detergent and place the fuel injector in the ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Step 2: Connect the pulse signal wire & select the ultrasonic cleaning function to start working.

Fuel Injector Testing

  • Step 1: Pour in the test liquid, install this injector to the fuel distributor, and fix it to the main unit by bolts.
  • Step 2: Test if the fuel injector is leaking or blocked under different functions.

How To Use AUTOOL CT200 Fuel Injector Cleaner Tester

  1. Clean injectors outside with gasoline or cleaning liquid before open the machine
  2. Putting injectors in the ultrasonic bathtub after the outside of the injector is free of dirt.
  3. Turn on the ultrasonic system, pulsed allowing the ultrasonic energy to dislodge any particles that even build up inside the injectors.
  4. Fixed injectors on the main machine.
  5. Testing injectors for resistance, shorts, and current draw.
  6. Performing leak test, spray pattern, and flow rate testing on the flow bench.
  7. The injectors are now returned to the flow bench for retesting of all functions.

Warm Tips

  • For ultrasonic cleaning fluid, please use professional engine carbon cleaning fluid.

  • Please use professional injector test fluid, do not use corrosive cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid will damage the equipment.

  • When using the ultrasonic cleaning function, please add the transmitter carbon cleaning fluid before running the equipment, please do not add the cleaning fluid directly to open the equipment to run, as it will lead to ultrasonic motherboard damage.

  • How to choose cleaning fluid? In order to achieve the best cleaning effect, it is recommended to use a professional syringe ultrasonic cleaning fluid to clean the injector. Or you can use medical alcohol with an alcohol content of more than 75% instead of cleaning fluid.
  • How to choose test fluid? In order to achieve the best test effect, it is recommended to use professional automotive injector test fluids. If it is not available locally, as an alternative, it’s recommended that medical alcohol with an alcohol content of more than 75% can be used instead of the test fluid.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

      Packing List

      Packing List

      • 1pc * AUTOOL CT200 Fuel Injector Cleaner Tester Main Unit;
      • 1pc * Ultrasonic Cleaning Bracket(for placing the injectors during cleaning);
      • 2pcs * Drain Valves(For recovering the cleaning and test fluid );
      • 2pcs * Fixing rods(For fixing the oil separator);
      • 2pcs * Fixing Nuts(For fixing the oil separator);
      • 6pcs* Reverse flush connectors φ15.8mm(for connecting the bottom of the injector and the oil separator hole)
      • 6pcs * Conical top inlet connectors φ10.5mm&13.6mm (for connecting the top of the injector and the oil separator hole)
      • 6pcs *Adapter cables(For transferring the pulse signal line connector, instead of connecting the injector signal input pin)
      • 1pc * Power Cable(for connecting power supply);
      • 1pc * Oil Separator(Distribution device for outputting pressurized test fluid to the injectors);
      • 6pcs* Special injector gaskets(for auxiliary installation of special fuel injectors)
      • 5pcs * Special plugs for oil separator(used to block the holes on the oil separator)
      • 1pc * Ultrasonic Cleaning Cover(for keeping the cleaning bath clean)
      • 1pc * User Manual(Instructions)

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