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DTNZ 125pcs Rubber Grommet Assortment Kit

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125pcs Rubber Grommet Assortment Kit

This 125pcs Rubber Grommet Assortment Kit is made of flexible and durable rubber material for superior electric resistance. This kit includes precision-cut rubber rings with wearing, corrosion, oil, and heat resistance to fit most drill holes. Ideal for workshops, plumbing services, wire insulation.

  • 15pcs 3X7mm,
  • 10pcs 4.5X8mm,
  • 7pcs 6X13mm,
  • 3pcs 8X13.5mm,
  • 6pcs 9.5X13mm,
  • 5pcs 9.5X14mm,
  • 3pcs 9.5X19mm,
  • 3pcs 11X19mm,
  • 4pcs 13X16.5mm,
  • 3pcs 16X25mm,
  • 2pcs 19X24mm,
  • 20pcs 8mm,
  • 20pcs 9.5mm,
  • 10pcs 13mm,
  • 5pcs 16mm,
  • 4pcs 19mm,
  • 3pcs 22mm,
  • 2pcs 25mm

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