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Otofix TireGo 608 Tyre Pressure Sensor Activation & Learning Tool

by Otofix
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Otofix TireGo 608 Tyre Pressure Sensor Activation & Learning Tool 

Highlights of OTOFIX TireGo 608 TPMS Programming Tool

  • Worldwide coverage of 99% TPMS-equipped cars.
  • Activate 99% OEM/Universal TPMS sensors (315 & 433MHz).
  • Read sensor data of ID, pressure, temperature, battery condition, position and OE-part number, etc.
  • Neatly-explained guide on the tool for easier automatic & stationary relearn.
  • Program MX-Sensor by auto-creating sensor ID in batch (up to 16 MX-sensors), or manual input of OE ID, or activating the old sensor.
  • Check key fob frequency and battery power level to make sure it works in normal.
  • Easy-to-use handheld tire sensor programmer, with a user-friendly interface regardless of skill level.
  • Lifetime tool software upgrades ensure newer vehicles are covered.

Why You Need to Program New Sensors

When a sensor is replaced, it needs to be programmed with the unique ID code for that tire position so that the vehicle's TPMS system can recognize it and monitor the tire pressure accurately. Failure to program the new sensor may result in the TPMS warning light staying illuminated, which can be a safety hazard as it indicates that the tire pressure is not being monitored properly.

2 Sensor Relearn Procedures: Automatic & Stationary

Sensor relearning is necessary when replacing or rotating tires or when new sensors are installed due to sensor failure or damage. There are 2 types of relearn procedures featured in OTOFIX TireGo 608 tire pressure sensor relearn tool.

    Stationary Relearn

    • If your car doesn’t support Automatic Sensor Relearn, put it in the stationary position with the ignition turned on, and use this tpms reset tool to activate each tire sensor in a specific order, allowing the vehicle's computer to recognize and store the sensor ID codes. Once all of the sensor ID codes have been entered, the tire system will be reset.
    • This is suitable for some GM, Ford, Nissan models, and some Asian cars.

    Why You Need to Activate New Sensors

    Activating TPMS sensors is necessary to ensure that they are properly communicating with the vehicle's computer and providing accurate tire pressure and temperature readings. Without activation, the sensors may not be recognised by the vehicle's TPMS system, which can result in inaccurate readings, warning lights, or even a complete TPMS system failure.

    OTOFIX TireGO 608: Activate 99% Universal Sensors (315/433MHz)

    The OTOFIX TireGO 608 is a versatile TPMS tool that can activate 99% of all-known sensors, a cost-effective solution without having to visit the dealer. With sensor activation, you can get:

    •  Sensor ID: Each TPMS sensor has a unique ID code that is programmed into the vehicle's TPMS system. When you activate a sensor, you can retrieve its ID code to identify which sensor is associated with each tire.
    • Tire Temperature: View the temperature readings for each tire, which can be useful in extreme weather conditions that may cause abnormal wear or damage to your tire
    • Tire Pressure: View the current tire pressure readings for each tire. So you can quickly identify which tire is underinflated or overinflated, to take action before any damage or safety issues arise.
    • Battery Status: Check the battery status of each sensor so you can replace it in time before it fails. This can prevent unexpected sensor failures.
    • Signal Strength: You can check the signal strength of each sensor to ensure that it is communicating properly with the vehicle

    Hardware Specifications

    • Display: TFT Color 320*240
    • Battery: 3.7V/3200mAh
    • Connection: USB2.0
    • Weight: 0.84 lb. (0.38 kg)

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